volunteers wanted!

We are looking for reliable and trustworthy volunteers who want to work with our youth in any capacity! Whether you enjoy being with the babies in the nursery, or teaching a guided lesson in Sunday School or even leading Junior Church, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are growing and plan to continue our growth. We want our youth experiences to be as beneficial as possible to both parents and our youngsters. Let us know if you want to commit to one of these or help on an as needed basis!

Come Join The Fun



We offer a nursery outside of the Sanctuary for ages 0-3. We have a trusted member of our congregation who loves to play with little ones so you can comfortably grow in your faith through Sunday School or Worship Service. We ask that you notify the leader of any allergies your child may have as we sometimes offer small snacks to toddlers. 

Nursery Times:

Sunday 9:30-11:30

Nursery Ages:

0-3 years of Age


Our youth Sunday School is led by trusted members of our congregation. It is conducted downstairs in the BSCC Kids hallway. At this time, we have a one-room classroom for all children ages 4 years to 8th grade. These students learn about the Bible and Jesus Christ through guided lessons from Group Publishing. Again, please let the leader know if your child has any allergies as they sometimes have a coordinating snack with their lessons.

Sunday School Time

Sunday 9:30-10:15am

Sunday School Ages:

4 years-8th grade


We invite all children to join us on Sunday Mornings during Worship service to sing and praise our Lord. We understand that for children, it may be hard to grow in their faith in an adult atmosphere, so after praise and worship, we invite all children (younger than 8th grade) to join our leaders in Junior Church. Our Preaching Minister will dismiss all children and the leaders will take them for a snack and lesson for the remainder of the Sunday Worship Service. Please let us know if your child has any allergies.**

Junior Church Time:

After Praise and Worship

Junior Church Ages:

4 years- 8th grade


Let us know if you would like to commit to volunteer with our youth!

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